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Your email reading may include any/all of the following:

Clarity about your path and purpose, love and relationships, prosperity and more.

Find out exactly who are your Angels & Guides and how you can connect with them more consistently, easily & joyfully every day.

Channeled message from the Angels for you!

Chakra/ Aura Reading revealing the true condition of your energy field (and what you can do to heal it)

Divinely guided empowering recommendations for your healing & next steps so you can be free from the old patterns and struggles and leap confidently & joyfully forward into YOUR best life!

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Through angelically guided readings and personal healing sessions, LadyRoxanna will help you raise your vibration and accelerate healing on all levels. Her energy is gentle, and your individualized session will be guided by the angels for your highest good.

Lady Roxanna is a true Southern Belle with a Celtic background: Irish and Scottish. She moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at the age of ten, so you could say she is a Celtic lass with some Southern sass!

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Lady Roxanna returned to her spiritual path and later received her ReikiMaster attunement in Bathe, England in 2010. She then received clairvoyant training with Sage Taylor Goddard & graduated as an Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healer in 2015.

Receiving her certification in Glastonbury, England was a magical experience with Archangel Michael at the ancient Tor(Tower). Lady Roxanna then traveled to Scotland, a land which holds a special place in her heart.

Her certifications includeReiki Master Sensei, Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healer & Reader, Money Reiki Grand Master, Soul Retrieval, Certified & Advanced CrystalHealer, and Sacred Activations Practitioner. She is a lifelong student of Feng Shui, Numerology, and Yoga, and she holds Bachelor's Degrees in Nursing and Psychology.

Lady Roxanna works with Archangels Michael & Raphael, the Goddess, Ascended Masters, Reiki Masters, sacred numerology, and crystals, to weave for you a uniquely powerful, magical session-experience that will enhance your energy and your life for years to come.

“I look forward to being of divine service to you if this resonates with your soul!”

"Roxann brings a wonderful warmth and wisdom to the I AM readings and healings. People always come away from them feeling more full of hope, more clear about their path, more renewed... More themselves somehow. She also brings a wealth of knowledge of Reiki, crystals, and the Divine Feminine. But what I love best about how Roxanna serves as an Intuitive Angelic Miracle reader and healer is her sense of humor and magic!" - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing